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Fae Mendenhall
April 26, 2024
What a lovely place! I had the eggplant with spinach, salad with house Italian. Hubby had calzone. We were delighted with everything about this place. Food was fantastic!
Sherri Cirasuolo
April 12, 2024
Always have wonderful dinners in the Bistro and we enjoy the Italian food which is served as hot as possible in most dishes. The people there all treat us like family and visit for a minute with us when possible.
March 29, 2024
Good food..large portions...affordable
Shannon L. Turner
March 26, 2024
We absolutely love this restaurant. Great food and staff.
TJ Rhoades
March 24, 2024
This is a true hidden gem!! Awesome food, great service and great prices!! They have the best marsala wine sauce in the whole wide world!!!
Kvn Ksngr
February 29, 2024
I have been there and like everything about it.
PopCulture Superstore
January 24, 2024
The food and service was great. We go there every couple of months. I don't understand why it's not packed with customers every night.
Toby Brandenburgh
December 26, 2023
Nice place, friendly staff, clean. Meatball Parm was delicious but the bread had a weird texture and a different taste that I didn't particularly care for but overall, it was quite good. Pet peeve: they add 3% to your tab when you pay by CC without any prior disclosure. That's just wrong. I had already calculated my server's tip and what the total charge to my card would be. By adding 3% at the very end, they ended up stealing that 3% from their server. Shame on them.

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