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Sages West Bay Bistro

02 October, 2012

News & Events

Sages West Bay Bistro

Once upon a time, there was a restaurant on Oakhurst Road in Seminole that had some of the best and freshest authentic Italian cuisine in the entire area, but one day – poof! – it was gone. the quaint and comfortable bistro that the locals had grown to love and appreciate had simply vanished.

What happened to our dear friends at Sages Bistro? What are we to do now that we can’t get our favorite pizza, or the freshly baked bread used to make the best grinders known to man? Or the freshest touch of garlic and spices used to make their delectable pasta dishes, like their signature Pasta Alfredo, smothered in a delicious Alfredo sauce, Baked Manicotti and Baked Cheese Ravioli? And don’t forget their out-of-this-world seafood dishes like the Linguini and Clams, and the Parmesan Crusted Tilapia. What about the freakin’ to-die-for Stromboli and Calzone?

Why would Sages leave us? What id we ever do to them, but be excited to see them and look forward to giving our oh-so-demanding palates what they creamed for, fresh and delicious Italian food? Did the economy prove too much to bear? Or have they packed their bags and taken their riches to the Cayman Islands?

Ahhh, now I get it. They were always packed. They were obviously getting too big for their small, and yes, at many times, cramped but cozy establishment. Could they be somewhere else? I’ll Google them, Bingo, baby!

Sages Bistro has moved to 833 West Bay Dr. in the Publix Plaza on the corner of Clearwater/Largo Road and West Bay to better accommodate their growth. Owners Patricia and her loving husband, Mike, moved to a much bigger and more accommodating location where they built-out their new restaurant from scratch. Much like their meals – made from scratch.

As Patricia began creating new dishes, as well as their classic crowd favorites, Mike poured his heart into fashioning one of the warmest and most inviting restaurants in the area.

The pleasure was all mine when I recently visited Sages West Bay Bistro and tasted some of the best food around. You have to try this joint, I mean bistro. It is the bomb. Great food, great atmosphere and incredible service.

on the evening my colleague and I dined there, he had the Antipasto Salad: tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion, olives, salami, pepperoni and cheese, which I, of course, sampled before he could get his dirty paws on it. I ordered a new item on the menu called the Sages Bistro Chicken, topped with peppers, mushrooms, onions and cheese. Ooh is it. Freaking AWESOME, people, I could have eaten all night.

I want to congratulate Patricia and Mike on a couple of things. First, for being bold and moving to a larger location to better accommodate your customers, and second, for creating such a beautiful bistro.

Sages also has a spacious room for luncheons, meetings, your sports teams and all other groups and parties. Get in there quick before they get too packed, because now, my dear readers, the word is out.

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